A Million Ways with Chickpeas ……..

I just love all things chickpea!
Being a vegan, I often hear and read that beans are so great for you, full of amazing nutrients etc. But I just don’t like them! No idea why? (insert memories here of my dads awful chilli con carne…… Ohhhh the kidney beans……. That’s probably why!!!)

I have tried so many times to get over my fear of beans but i just don’t know if it’s going to happen.

In the meantime though, chickpeas have been at the center of my food world. So full of flavour, nutrients, and so very versatile that they appear in a lot of my dishes in various forms.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not shut up about gram flour. I advocate it so much you would think I was sponsored! Of course I am not, but I love chickpeas and gram flour so much I thought they deserved their own post. So don’t be surprised if you see chickpeas and or gram flour appearing in a lot of my recipes 😉

Recipes to follow ……


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