The V-Volution Of Me

A new beginning

For most of my life I have lived by the Norms of society, following lifestyle patterns of my friends, family and the media. We all believe we have personal choices in life. That how we choose to live is ultimately our own decision but for the past couple of years I have discovered that the only choices I made were based on the limited choices available to me. If we are not given all of the pieces of the puzzle, how can we see the big picture?

Being a female in my late twenties, it was only when my partner was struck by a chronic illness that I fell into a journey of health discovery through food, excercise, nature and eliminating our toxic environment. It was only then that I had truly realised the damage which can be done through the lifestyle we were living. We were consuming a standard western diet and drank alcohol regularly as per the “good aul” Irish culture! We also had poor sleeping patterns and stress as most people do. Yet when chronic illness struck him at such a young age we were somehow shocked! Aren’t we too young to be dealing with chronic illness?! But looking back now, it is obvious how it could happen. Our lifestyle was obviously not the main cause of his illness but was definitely a contributing factor.

Realising that we actually possess the power to help prevent illnesses like this was like an epiphany to me – I just didn’t want to live like that anymore. I mean, how could I live with myself knowing that I am still damaging my health with that same lifestyle, when I knew my partner (who has been ill for 2 and a half years now) would give his right arm to be able to go back and prevent his illness?

So along with giving up alcohol, Diet Coke, gluten and processed foods, I went vegan…….. And it was the best decision I ever made……






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